Mike Lewin

Known to fight bears just for the pure sport of it, Mike has a tendency to make things bend to his will. A student of Purdue University’s Mechanical Engineering Technology program, Mike uses his technical prowess to keep the PA! Cars performing at their peak.

Mike doing what he does best. In fact, he’s so good, he rarely has to look at the engines he works on.

Mike has been working with automotive performance since he was strong enough to lift a torque wrench, which some say was as early as his mother’s second trimester. His ongoing work revolves around a Factory Five 1965 Cobra Component Car (don’t say “kit car,” it makes them irate) that is powered by 331 cubic inches of American fury. Mike has constructed the entire car over the course of several years, using common tools and an uncommon sense of mechanical know-how.

Once again, proving that eye contact is not necessarily required to prepare a race car. Seen here adjusting the… Whatever it was, he fixed and the car is faster now.

With his mechanical expertise, Professional Awesome has been able to see the podium several times and Mike is dedicated to make sure that Professional Awesome becomes a winning team this season.

When not working on the cars, Mike works on the drivers, though they don’t take as well to common hand tools.