Dan O’Donnell

Daniel O’Donnell

Ad Salesman during the week, furious racing driver on the weekends. Dan, like everyone at PA, doesn’t border on obsessive when it comes to cars – he openly admits that he has gone off the deep end. Dan has been involved with automobiles since he was but a lad and his abilities both behind the wheel and under the car echo this experience. Dan began attending Autocross events throughout the Mid-West in 2007 and quickly became adept at handling a wide variety of cars. With the purchase of his 2001 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII in 2008, Dan now had a suitable vehicle to become a truly fantastic driver.

Even on Workdays, Dan wears his race suit. You never know when duty may call.

Needing an outlet to fully utilize both his potential and the that of the Evolution, Dan began competing in the Redline Time Attack series and made his debut June 21, 2009. Having limited time to turn the Evolution into a dedicated track car and a worn set of tires, Dan placed fourth in his first outing, missing podium by just hundredths of a second. As impressive as these results were, Dan knew that he could improve on this already stellar performance.

All smiles before the time attack at New Jersey Motorsports Park, 2010

Following his debut at Autobahn, Dan competed in two more Redline Time Attack events before the 2009 season came to a close, claiming 2nd Place Overall for the East Coast Street AWD category. For 2010, Dan plans to pull out all the stops and make the Professional Awesome Evolution a dominating force in the Redline Time Attack series. With Dan’s continual improvement as a driver and the Professional Awesome Evolution’s ongoing development, 2010 promises to be a successful season for Professional Awesome, with both a third place finish at New Jersey Motorsports Park and a first place finish at Autobahn Country Club.

First on track, first to uncork the champagne. Dan insists on winning at everything, even well after the race is over.