Alec Cervenka

Alec Cervenka

A Purdue Mechanical Engineering Technology graduate with a penchant for racing cars, as well as buying and selling cars on a whim. Alec has been participating in a variety of racing events as both a driver and instructor since 2004. He now acts as the media and event coordinator for Professional Awesome, racing only when he’s managed to steal the keys from Dan.

Alec doesn’t discriminate when it comes to racing cars. Seen here with a Honda Insight. On forged wheels. With Dunlop Star Specs…

Currently, Alec can be found devoting his time to preparing and maintaining this wonderful website, as well as keeping whatever car he owns on the road. During test and tune sessions, he acts as a second driver for Dan, making sure that the Professional Awesome Evolution doesn’t have any issues that would hinder it from performing its best. If finding these issues requires using the brakes until the fluid boils out of the reservoir, leading to a catastrophic failure and resulting trip into the sand trap before the main straight of Gingerman, Alec is the man to do it.

Alec, discussing the more important aspects of life to a receptive audience.

When not on track testing the Evolution, Alec can be found at his desk, keeping this glorious website up to date, calling sponsors, and scheduling events for the Professional Awesome! team. When at the track, Alec serves as the official data collector and coach to Dan to keep him in a state a (relative) calm. Also, 2010 is the first year in six that he hasn’t been racing, and he can’t stand it. Look for him to expand the Professional Awesome! team in 2011 with another Street Class car, which at the time of writing is still undecided.

Though he isn’t racing in 2010, Alec still keeps his skills sharp for his eventual return to Redline Time Attack in 2011