About the Team

Daniel O’Donnell

Occasional Driver, Wrecked PA! Evolution VII Owner

Ad Salesman during the week, furious racing driver on the weekends. Dan, like everyone at PA, doesn’t border on obsessive when it comes to cars – he openly admits that he has gone off the deep end. Dan has been involved with automobiles since he was but a lad and his abilities both behind the wheel and under the car echo this experience.

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Grant Davis

Platform Development, Lead Mechanic, Toiletries

Grant, owner of PA Motorsports, has been working in the Automotive Repair business longer than he cares to admit. Grant has worked on a wide range of vehicles, from the mundane, vanilla flavored appliances of Toyota, to the exotic and revered supercars of Ferrari. In true car guy fashion, a bulk of Grant’s free time is dedicated to his own personal fleet of project cars.

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Mike Lewin

Chief Team Engineer, Punching, Keeping Putin at Bay

Known to fight bears just for the pure sport of it, Mike has a tendency to make things bend to his will. A graduate of Purdue University’s Mechanical Engineering Technology program, Mike uses his technical prowess to keep the PA Evo performing at its peak. Mike has been working with automotive performance since he was strong enough to lift a torque wrench, which some say was as early as his mother’s second trimester.

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Alec Cervenka

E-Hugs, Artistic Advice, Organizational Specialist Level III

A Purdue Mechanical Engineering Technology graduate with a penchant for racing, as well as buying and selling cars on a whim. Alec has been participating in a variety of racing events as both a driver and instructor since 2004. Sadly the call of the wild lured him away from the team. Alec now lives in Alaska offering expert levels of moral support from afar.

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