We here at Professional Awesome are known to be ambitious people. We all have dreams of making the fastest track cars and often find ourselves playing heated rounds of the “If money were no object” game in regards to the Evolution. However, money and support are very much in limited supply. Knowing this, we have created the Professional Awesome Sponsorship program.

Sponsorship will come in three different levels based on the level of money/time/effort donated and the benefits that will be given to our sponsors. Specific details for the individual sponsor levels are available within the official 2010 Sponsorship Packet.
An Adobe PDF version of the packet is available here.

To request a hard-copy version of the packet, click here.

If your company is interested in joining a winning team in one of the fastest-growing series in motorsports, please contact Alec Cervenka and let Professional Awesome show you the benefits of sponsorship.

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