Pro Awe Tips: The Best Transmission Fluid For Honda S2000s. EVER!

Hondas are known for amazingly slick shifting gearboxes, but when the S2000 rolled around, the world was left a little disappointed. The shifting is just a bit on the notchy side when cruising around town. One must be really patient to avoid minor grinds or rev the hell out of the engine, because it shifts much better when you’re angry at it.

We’ll cut straight to the chase Motorcraft Ford XT-M5-QS Full Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid changes everything for the better. Compared to the standard Honda Manual Transmission Fluid, the shifting is instantly improved at low speeds and cold temperatures.

According to Honda, you shouldn’t use 75W-90 because the oil is too “thick.” Right?!

Inevitably, someone will say, Pro Awe, “you bumbling idiots,” the viscosity of the Ford transmission fluid is 75W-90 and, according to the S2000 owner’s manual, Honda MTF is similar to 10W-30 or 10W-40. Well, dear reader, SAE Gear Oil and Engine Oil are graded differently, despite using similar numerical designations.

As you can see on the chart above, a 10W-40 engine oil would be quite similar in viscosity to 75W-90 gear oil. As long as the additive pack within the oil is designed for manual transmissions, which the Ford oil is, you’re good to go. Knowledge acquired!

And, well, that’s it. You’re welcome. Here’s a transmission fluid that is safe to use, works extremely well, and greatly improves the driving experience of your Honda S2000.

If you appreciate our advice, do us a big favor and buy your fluid via the following link. You’ll need 2 quarts to do the job. Thanks so much!

P.S. This works great in NA and NB Mazda Miata’s as well!

2 thoughts on “Pro Awe Tips: The Best Transmission Fluid For Honda S2000s. EVER!

  1. Where did you get those bottles of XT-M5-QS ?
    The nearly monochromatic grey label on them doesn’t match any of the more colorful labels I’ve seen on other XT-M5-QS bottles.

  2. We purchase the fluid directly through the link in the article on Amazon. The picture on Amazon is old and doesn’t match the current bottle design.

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