First Stop for the Professional Awesome Parts Train!

As Professional Awesome continues to gain sponsors, our goodie list just keeps growing and growing. Our first shipment of parts arrived earlier this week, so we decided to put our most photogenic member of the team (yours truly) in front of the camera to showcase our first batch of parts.

That’s genuine excitement kids, we can’t wait to get these on the Evolution!

This week, we received BLOX Racing’s solid engine mount and a set of chro-moly lug nuts, along with Cosworth’s FSL Metal Head Gasket. All of the parts look great and we can’t wait to get them installed in the Evolution! Look for product reviews as we get a little further into the season and actually get a chance to drive the race car!

I never knew so much thought and attention to detail could go into something as mundane as a headgasket! Learn something new everyday, eh?

In other news, Joe Barszcz, our cage builder and fabricator extraordinaire, has started working on the Evolution’s cage and seam welding treatment. Judging from the work we’ve seen so far, we’re going to have an excellent car when Joe finishes up!

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