Feb 142018
Blast From The Past: 2013 Super Lap Battle Photos

This post was 4 years in the making! 2013’s Super Lap Battle was a year we didn’t compete and because of this, we flew the Professional Awesome crew out to enjoy the race, provide coverage for MotoIQ.com and to help our friends. For the online story, I jumped in a bit over my head as I didn’t know much about photography. Luckily, I enlisted the help of Alec Cervenka and Paul Kapoor so we could produce a respectable article for MotoIQ. We literally took thousands upon thousands of photos and I never really got to go through them all before […]

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Feb 102018
Super Street Online SLB x GTA 2017 Coverage

Super Street just released their online coverage of Global Time Attack’s Super Lap Battle 2017. Follow the link to read all about it. While you’re here, check out the great shots they snagged of the car, before and after its fire.  

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Dec 202017
Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle 2017 Recap

I lay in bed, a bit over 24 hours after the end of Global Time Attack’s Super Lap Battle 2017 event, reflecting on how crazy the race went. The team came so prepared, with the goal firmly on setting the fastest lap of Buttonwillow ever. The last 8 months have been nearly 7 days a week work on the car to prepare ourselves to the highest standards possible. The chassis was thoroughly reworked, 200 pounds lighter than before, a whole new suspension front and rear, revised brake system, sequential transmission, new aero, a fresh engine, fresh turbo and the best […]

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Oct 282017
The Name's Giles, Devin Stiglitz Giles

  It’s been over a year now that I have been a part of Professional Awesome and I thought the time was right to say hello. Oh wait, I forgot to tell you who “I” was. I go by Devin Stiglitz Giles and I was brought aboard to diversify the team and increase the readership of our 55+ female demographic. So far, so good. On a serious note, I’m here to help with the team’s social media stuff, create content, tease Dan and help out where I can. Remember that time last year when the team broke a transmission at […]

May 082017
V6 Drag Insight?!

Adrian Rosario, Professional Awesome fan and Honda Insight builder, just sent over information about his crazy drag Insight and I had to share it. Running a J32a2 Honda V6 engine stroked to 3.7L, Adrian is shooting for the all motor J series 1/4 mile world record of 9.72 seconds. The engine should make over 450whp and utilizes an Accord transmission with a limited slip differential. To top it all off, Adrian runs our favorite ECU, the AEM Infinity, to control this beast. Can’t wait to see the car run and break some records. #racewinrepeat

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Apr 072017
Kyle Lewis Gallery

We lost a great friend recently and I happened upon a gallery of some of his work. I thought I’d share it here for the world the enjoy. RIP Kyle Lewis, we miss you buddy!

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Nov 182016
Recap of Global Time Attack/Super Lap Battle

Global Time Attack’s Super Lap Battle has always been a tale of two stories for the team. One where we are hit with monumental adversity and challenges in the highest-pressure situations. The other, where all these issues are overcome at the last moment and the team rises to the challenge, besting all expectations. Riding this knife edge is full of tension and stress, but the team has been able to thrive in these conditions. Leading up to the race, we had done everything in our power to reduce the chances of problems popping up, but of course Buttonwillow seems to always […]

 Posted by on November 18, 2016
Sep 302016
Best of GridLife 2016

We made the Brad Sillar’s Best of GridLife 2016! It’s an honor to have been in a few of the top images of 2016 from such a great photographer. Check out Brad’s site here!

 Posted by on September 30, 2016