Feb 142018

This post was 4 years in the making! 2013’s Super Lap Battle was a year we didn’t compete and because of this, we flew the Professional Awesome crew out to enjoy the race, provide coverage for MotoIQ.com and to help our friends. For the online story, I jumped in a bit over my head as I didn’t know much about photography. Luckily, I enlisted the help of Alec Cervenka and Paul Kapoor so we could produce a respectable article for MotoIQ. We literally took thousands upon thousands of photos and I never really got to go through them all before writing the story for MotoIQ, which can be read here. Over the last few years, I have slowly, but surely, gone through and deleted the bad shots and found a handful of keepers. Here are a selected few of my favorites, I’m not sure who took what photos, but enjoy all the same!

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