May 162013
LensFuel.com Covers GTA Road Atlanta 2013

While there may have been a significant amount of bad news because of the crash, there’s more to the story as always. Check out LensFuel.com’s coverage of the event and try not to shed a tear. Click the photo for more!

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May 042013
Professional Awesome's 2013 Partners

The Professional Awesome crew has not been resting on its laurels. We have been busy upgrading the car with parts from the best performance companies out there. Check out our 2013 partners and stay tuned as we dig into more details on modifications we are doing to the car this season!

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Sep 062012
Guest Driver's Blog on MotoIQ.com

I was given the honor of writing a guest blog on MotoIQ.com and I am proud of the outcome. Click here, read away, let us know what you think and follow us on Facebook as we get ready for California in November!

 Posted by on September 6, 2012
Sep 012012
Featured in DSport Magazine as a Featured Article Vehicle Feature!!!

Good things come to those who wait… and drive fast. DSport Magazine has honored us by allowing the Professional Awesome Evo to grace their pages. Look for us in magazine #118 August 2012. Many thanks to all those involved and we look forward to working with you all again! Click the photo to see the goods!

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Nov 292011
Global Time Attack- Infineon Raceway 2011

So it has been 15 days since I have returned from California and there is no recap of the event. What gives? Well, for me, the write-up of an event is a story to tell. I learned in English class, between naps and reading Road & Track, that stories are either comedies or dramas. Our trip out West was incredible fun, challenging, rewarding and something I look forward to doing again sometime soon, but it was without any major drama or ironic humor. Our previous event, in Chicago, we had to find a transmission with hours to spare. Last year in […]

 Posted by on November 29, 2011