Dec 032011

Hello again, loyal fans of Professional Awesome Racing! All the rumors that I have been abducted by aliens/pirates/pygmies have been grossly exaggerated, I’ve just been slaving away at work while the rest of the guys have been busy breaking records. My priorities aren’t in order and I look to fix that soon. Promise. Dan-O passed this video along to me and I thought that I would be kind enough to share it with everyone on the internets! Take a ride along the fastest AWD Street car in America and see what it’s like to go flat-out on one of the […]

 Posted by on December 3, 2011
Nov 292011
Global Time Attack- Infineon Raceway 2011

So it has been 15 days since I have returned from California and there is no recap of the event. What gives? Well, for me, the write-up of an event is a story to tell. I learned in English class, between naps and reading Road & Track, that stories are either comedies or dramas. Our trip out West was incredible fun, challenging, rewarding and something I look forward to doing again sometime soon, but it was without any major drama or ironic humor. Our previous event, in Chicago, we had to find a transmission with hours to spare. Last year in […]

 Posted by on November 29, 2011
Sep 192011
Global Time Attack- Autobahn Country Club 2011

Ohh boy, where to begin? Well, perhaps at the beginning, which would be at the end of Jersey. While the car preformed admirably at New Jersey Motorsports Park, we knew we left a lot on the table. We assumed the car had at least a few seconds in it, there were certain parts that needed to be repaired and we needed new tires as well. That being said, the car was in good shape; faster without having to take big risks and Autobahn looked to be an event where we would shine. Toyo Tires came through quite quickly with a […]

 Posted by on September 19, 2011
Jun 062011
Check Us Out on Moto IQ!

Ever wonder our secret to speed in 2010? What parts we used to set track records? Well Moto IQ has done an in-depth article covering the car part by part. Click on the photo and take a look!

 Posted by on June 6, 2011
Apr 012011
Zeitronix with Sponsorship Love!

The folks at Zeitronix have started the support train by sending us their awesome E85 Ethanol Analyzer along with EGT sensors to help with the tuning process of our Professional Awesome Evo! Click on the photo to head over to their site for more info!

 Posted by on April 1, 2011