Oct 292010
Professional Awesome Heads to SEMA!

Mike Lewin and Grant Davis have started on their journey to SEMA (Specialty Equipment Marketing Association) and will display the Professional Awesome Racing Evo November 2nd through the 5th for the 100,000 expected visitors. We were invited by Zeitronix, our wideband tuning/datalogging sponsor, to be shown in the feature vehicles section. I believe Grant is going to be using the time in Nevada to hang out with the Sierra Sierra and FXMD Time Attack teams to try and get a trip to Japan’s fabled Tsukuba race circuit. Lewin is planning on having a ‘crisis’ when he is in a town […]

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Oct 182010
Gingerman Test Day Fall 2010

There are two types of Professional Awesome mornings. The mornings I enjoy are the ones that consist of 11 am wakeup calls, good breakfast and a comfy couch for the remainder of the day. The other type of morning is a different animal all together. Generally the air is chilly, the Sun has yet to rise and a long day awaits. Our Gingerman test day was absolutely the latter type of morning. Arising at 4:45 AM our weary-eyed crew started the day with the constellation of Orion prominently in the sky. After the usual predictions of how many bathroom breaks […]

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Oct 032010
First in the World?

A Tale of Two Differentials By  Daniel O’Donnell So how did this story all begin? I guess it was Ebay, that magical world of random crap. While searching for random Evo stuff I found a place in the UK that was selling an Evo X differential. In the posting it mentioned that the differential could be easily installed on any Evo VII-IX with AYC. I hadn’t heard of this possibility before and I instantly wanted to upgrade to this part. Mitsubishi had dramatically improved the design between the VII and X and I felt our rear differential was a weak […]

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