Apr 072010
“Where Did You Get That Splitter?”

“From our garage.” we all replied. Ever since our debut at Gingerman last weekend and after posting images of the track day, people have been asking all about our splitter. The splitter was designed and built by Grant and Mike in the PA! Garage using a combination of high quality materials, some engineering know-how, and desire to live up to the team name. Dan and I both can vouch for the splitter’s effectiveness, as we were able to conquer the higher speed sections of Gingerman with a level of stability that we had never experienced in the Evolution. While I […]

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Apr 052010
Gingerman Testing : Success!

Looks like all of those sleepless nights paid off! For testing, we were running ~100 less horsepower than we were running last season so that we can safely break in the car. We were faster than we were last season. How is this possible? Let’s take a look at how far we’ve come with the Evolution: last season, Dan was piloting what was a nearly stock Evolution VII with some minor suspension and power modifications. This year, we’ve added a world class suspension setup, thanks to KW; completely stiffened up the chassis with Cartel’s roll cage and seam welding; added […]

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Apr 032010
No Extra Bolts, No Loose Ends. Let’s See How She Runs!

2.59 AM, First Day of Testing, Leaving at 5 AM… I’d say that it’s going to be a long night, but we’re already well into the morning… It’s a rarity in the grassroots motorsports world to have a car finished well ahead of its track debut. In fact, it almost seems like poor practice to have a car ready more than a day before its first outing. It wouldn’t be a proper race car if it wasn’t constantly being work on. This isn’t to say that the Evolution hasn’t been seeing a constant stream of activity for the past several […]

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