Mar 312010
So Close...

Some of our loyal readers out there may have noticed the recent drought of Professional Awesome updates and may have wondered why there was the sudden drop off. We can explain, I swear. As expected, building a race car demands a lot of time and because of this, we haven’t been spending any real amount of time on the computer. Since it’s my sworn duty as webmaster, I feel compelled to update you all on the status of the Evolution. It’s on the ground after ~5 months of being propped up on jack stands, it has a choice green roll […]

 Posted by on March 31, 2010
Mar 202010
Lots of Time and Effort Yields :  A Racecar

It’s science, really. If you put a group of gearheads in one garage with piles of car parts, ~20 cans of paint, more tools than your local Sears, and a bare chassis, it’s expected that a car will materialize. This week (affectionately dubbed “Hell Week”) found all members of Professional Awesome working at full capacity. The cage, interior and engine bay all received their final coats of paint, with the green cage surely being the focal point of the car for many race and showgoers, I mean come on, it’s GREEN (seriously, like GREEN, not just green or even Green, […]

 Posted by on March 20, 2010
Mar 132010
Roll Cage... It’s Green and Sweet.

Just a quick update for the evening, but I feel compelled to share with everyone the progress of our roll cage. It’s green. Not just any green, but a shade of green that is so damn awesome that you can’t help but feel a sense of awe when you look at it. Seriously, this green is just too good for words. I’ve added a gallery for you all to admire and I will keep posting updates as we continue along with the painting. In the meantime, why don’t you all post some comments up and let us know what you […]

 Posted by on March 13, 2010
Mar 112010
The FedEx and UPS Men Know us by Name.

Is it a bad thing when the UPS and FedEx delivery drivers know you by name? Well, this is the case now, as we’ve been seeing a very steady influx of performance parts at our base of operations. This month, KW Suspensions and 5Zigen made two large deliveries, our Raybestos brake pads and Titanium backing plates arrived from GiroDisc, and we still have more parts inbound. “Race Winning Parts” for those who don’t sprech Deutsche. These live up to their title, we saw a drop of over 3 seconds on our lap times in testing after switching to KW! Last […]

 Posted by on March 11, 2010
Mar 112010
Progress on the Evolution: Crunch Time!

This has been a big week for Professional Awesome so far, with the Evolution being fully stripped and getting a full interior and engine bay painting, wiring rework, and a refreshing of the engine. The engine bay and interior are going to be painted a lovely shade of flat gray for a variety of reasons. While not the most eye-catching hue, Ford Gray does a good job of giving the bay and interior a clean and completed look. Aside from the professional appearance, the paint will also serve as a good indicator to whether or not the Evolution is leaking […]

 Posted by on March 11, 2010
Mar 052010
Keep Yourself Safe From Indecent Exposure With an Official PA! T-Shirt!

Do you find yourself constantly running out of sweet shirts to wear? Are you concerned that your current crop of clothing isn’t supporting your favorite race team? Now you can put those worries to rest once and for all with a brand-new, hand made (in our friend Craig’s basement), official Professional Awesome T-Shirt! Revel in all of its awesome glory; become the envy of t-shirt lovers everywhere! Made with the finest screen printing techniques and inks over a durable and comfortable 100% cotton heavyweight T, the PA! T-Shirt lives up to the Professional Awesome name. To order your PA! Shirt […]

 Posted by on March 5, 2010
Mar 032010
JM Fabrications Sponsors Professional Awesome!

Progress continues on the Professional Awesome Evolution as we welcome JM Fabrications to our family of sponsors. JM Fabrications is the brainchild of Jim McKeone Jr., a DSM (Diamond Star Motors – Mitsubishi Eclipses and their Chrysler cousins) enthusiast who began making parts for his own car as a hobby in 2004. Word of Jim’s handiwork quickly spread throughout the Mitsubishi community and by 2005, Jim was able to commit to motorsports fabrication as a full-time career. JM Fabrications has experienced a rapid growth since its opening and is now known worldwide for their quality parts and services. To this […]

 Posted by on March 3, 2010