Feb 242010
Professional Awesome Gets Caged!

Don’t worry, no one got thrown in jail or captured, but we did find a new use for 100 feet of steel tubing! In creating a true race car, one key ingredient is the roll cage. In order to have a cage that lives up to the high standards set by Professional Awesome, we needed to find a fabricator that would be able to do more than bend pipe and tack it into the Evolution. Luckily for us, we found Joe Barcscz of Cartel. Joe has been in the business of making race cars safe since he was 18 years […]

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Feb 162010
First Stop for the Professional Awesome Parts Train!

As Professional Awesome continues to gain sponsors, our goodie list just keeps growing and growing. Our first shipment of parts arrived earlier this week, so we decided to put our most photogenic member of the team (yours truly) in front of the camera to showcase our first batch of parts. That’s genuine excitement kids, we can’t wait to get these on the Evolution! This week, we received BLOX Racing’s solid engine mount and a set of chro-moly lug nuts, along with Cosworth’s FSL Metal Head Gasket. All of the parts look great and we can’t wait to get them installed […]

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Feb 132010
The Sponsors, They Love Us! So Should You.

Professional Awesome would like to welcome our five newest sponsors: Cosworth Cosworth leverages its successful motor sport pedigree, performance technology expertise and globally recognized brand to provide high quality engineered solutions for a growing customer base across diverse industries. Over the years, Cosworth have developed in-depth knowledge of engines, engine components and engine management systems. This has been successfully used to supply engines to some of the most successful Formula One teams and vehicle manufacturers. Our unprecedented success in the performance market has fueled customer demand from diverse market sectors. Professional Awesome will be using Cosworth’s FSL Metal Headgasket. 5 […]

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Feb 082010
PA Welcomes Grant Davis, Master Mechanic

Professional Awesome is proud to announce the addition of our newest member, Grant Davis. Grant will be leaving the glitz and glamour of Iowa for the excitement and thrills of Indiana within a few short weeks. All sarcasm aside, Grant is a well-accomplished mechanic who shares the same love and obsession with auto racing and will be an excellent addition to the team. Grant has been working in the Automotive Repair business for the past 7 years and has worked on a wide range of vehicles, from the mundane, vanilla flavored appliances of Toyota, to the exotic and revered supercars […]

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Feb 022010
Another Successful Trip to Kalamazoo

Of the many places in the world that you would expect to find world-class racecar engineers, Kalamazoo may not be at the top of your list. However, after this weekend, Professional Awesome thinks it should be. We met up with TRE’s Jon Ripple, an all-around cool dude and gearbox genius to pick up our newly refreshed and upgraded transmission and transfer case. As was the case with our last trip, Jon welcomed us into his shop and treated us to an incredibly in-depth discussion on the finer points of transmission technology and gave us a full walkthrough of our newly […]

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