Jan 212010
Professional Awesome: Now with 100% More KW!

As we mentioned in the last post, Professional Awesome had just landed a sponsorship with a top-tier suspension manufacturer. We are now proud (excessively proud) to announce that we will be working with KW Suspension for the 2010 race season. KW is world-renowned for their suspension products and we here at Professional Awesome feel honored to be partnered with an industry leader. Bear in mind that our impressive results in 2009 were achieved with an old, worn-out, and broken suspension. For 2010, we have the best suspension available in our class. We expect great things. KW Suspension was founded in […]

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Jan 192010
A Professionally Awesome Weekend

These past three days were exactly what the Professional Awesome team needed. On Sunday, Dan and I made the trek to Kalamazoo, MI , home of Team RIP Engineering (TRE) to meet with Jon and discuss gearbox and differential options for 2010. We were amazed at just how much one man could know about transmissions, and still manage to be a nice guy. On a side note, he knows the difference between Austenite and Martensite. He’s a smart guy. Monday, the entire Professional Awesome team met with Joe Barszcz, a renowned rollcage and chassis fabricator. We discussed life, past racing […]

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Jan 172010
Redline Time Attack Rd. 1:  New Jersey

The official start to the Eastern Division of the Redline Time Attack series takes place in New Jersey at the New Jersey Motorsports Park on April 10th. The event will be held on the track’s Lightning configuration, which only leads us to believe that this event will be fast. Come out and show your support for Professional Awesome and watch Dan O’Donnell battle it out in Street AWD Class! This event will be a great start to what should be a historical year for Professional Awesome. New Jersey Motorsports Park: (http://www.njmotorsportspark.com/) Redline Time Attack: (http://www.redlinetimeattack.com/) Professional Awesome’s Event Page: (http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=275616211279&ref=mf)

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Jan 172010
State of the Professional Awesome

With the first Redline Time Attack event (very) rapidly approaching, I feel obligated to step back and take an objective look at what lies ahead for the team. Currently, the Evolution is in pieces and spread out across the country, with its suspension just having finished a diagnostic session from JRZ Suspension, its transmission being delivered to TRE today, and new parts being gathered from all across the country. The engine is in process of receiving a full refresh, the aerodynamics package is being designed, chassis stiffening is being planned, potential sponsors are being contacted, research is being conducted, marketing […]

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